Undeniably unique programs, tools and strategies to drive workforce effectiveness.

Our approach. 

  • Provides SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISEfor key Human Capital needs in an organization. Novo’s flexible resources fuel projects with the exact right talent to get it done – and done right. 

  • Customized projects ACCELERATE ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH AND GOAL ATTAINMENT. Our team gets important work done while our clients team focuses on their core business needs. We help you get where you are headed – faster. 

  • We fuel HUMAN CAPITAL STRATEGY through clear project management and expected outcomes using best practices and top talent, at a cost that is much less than traditional large consulting firms. 

Our promise.

Talent as a strategy can be complex. Novo breaks it down into manageable bites. Organizations know they must have A-level talent in order to succeed in the hyper-competitive and increasingly multifaceted marketplace.

Along with the understanding of the need to hire, develop, and retain talented people, our clients know they must manage talent as a critical resource to achieve business objectives. Novo works with clients to develop programs, tools and strategies that fuel workforce effectiveness.

Our purpose.
People are an organization’s #1 competitive advantage. Novo lives out its passion of positively impacting our communities by enhancing careers of the people in them.  Novo finds, recruits and transforms talent to empower both candidates   and clients to win!


Practice Offerings


Our experience.
Our Client:   Rapidly growing Healthcare technology company with over 150 employees and $35M+ in annual revenue.   The CEO wanted to double the size of the company in five years.  His concern:  was his current leadership team the right team to help them grow.

The Results:  Novo created, facilitated and reported out on competency modeling for the entire leadership team.   Now the client has their leadership team in place and will be utilizing Novo's expertise to continually develop their management styles and leadership skills.



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