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​​​ADVISA brings a unique combination of tools, assessments and expertise to identify leadership fits and gaps; develop your talent with a strategic mindset; and inform your succession planning with objective data.  Here’s how: 

  • Expertise + data:  We are experts in the application of behavioral, cognitive and emotional intelligence data (Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™, Predictive Index Learning Indicator™, EQ-i®, 360s).  These assessments illuminate workplace behaviors, skills, personality traits and motivations so that you can ensure alignment with the future of your business.
  • Crystal clarity for both short- and long-term:  We guide you to translate assessment data into leadership characteristics specific to your organization now, and help you define what success looks like in key roles aligned to your business plan for the future.
  • Targeted coaching:  With clear career paths and objective data, coaching high-potentials to develop critical behaviors, skills and knowledge is on-point and focused. 
  • Improved recruiting:  When talent gaps that cannot be filled by developing internal candidates are identified, well-defined leadership competencies and objective assessment data dramatically improve recruiting.
  • Individual empowerment:  The behavioral, cognitive and emotional intelligence data we provide does double duty because it permits ambitious employees to accelerate their own growth through self-awareness and self-correcting.  

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Succession Planning is a cornerstone component of any human capital strategy. It is a necessary process to ensure the viability of the business as it pertains to talent resources required for client delivery excellence and to fuel growth. Succession planning is more than just making sure you have potential leaders identified to step into C-suite roles. It is also critical to plan for coverage of key roles in the event of an emergency vacancy, ensuring business continuance plans are in place to minimize interruption and risk. You also need to address the retention of top talent with clear paths for growth and learning. Novo can guide an organization through the planning process to create a real action plan that engages leaders across the organization and ensures the viability of the business.

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Succession Planning is Easier Than you  Think!

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"The smart use of assessments and honest business coaching creates breakthrough self awareness for individuals and teams."   --ADVISA 

Kelly Renz, CEO of Novo, was thrilled to partner with Heather Haas, President of ADVISA, on a webinar on this very topic.  To watch the recorded webinar, click here.  To learn more about ADVISA and how they can help with the assessment of your leaders and future leaders, read on:

Succession Planning