Interim Recruiting Support

The hiring help you need, exactly when and how you need it

Dynamic hiring needs can mean that your HR department always feels either over- or understaffed. Cut your stress level and improve the productivity of your department with as-needed help from The Novo Group.

Our team of experienced recruiting experts:

  • Work on an hourly basis—making it easy to add or subtract recruiters as you need them.
  • Can provide assistance with every aspect of hiring—from search through making the final job offer.
  • Take the time to understand the needs and culture of your department and company, making it easy for us to step in whenever you need us.
  • Will help you find exceptional candidates at every hiring level, including technical, C-level, administrative and more.
  • Can ramp up or down to meet your changing needs.

How do we stack up against independent contractors?

At first glance, independent contractors might seem like a logical avenue when your recruiting needs change.

Here are some important things to consider:

Our team requires less of your time. Hire The Novo Group and leave the managing to us. You’ll gain the resources of an experienced, self-sufficient team that requires little of your time.

No minimum hours means lower overall costs. The Novo Group has no minimum time requirements: You only hire us for the hours you need.

A broad skill set.  We offer both a wealth of recruiting expertise across industries and job titles, plus a proven process that lets us dig deep to find your ideal hire.

National networks. Hire the Novo Group and tap into a network of connections that spans the country.

Exceptional technology. The Novo Group makes regular, ongoing investments in technology to ensure that your search takes advantage of the best recruiting resources.

Quality and cost per hire. Our recruiters are efficient and highly effective. They have the experience, connections and knowledge to deliver high quality hires and, on average, a lower cost per hire.

No IRS challenges. In recent years, the IRS has become increasingly strict about the definition of “independent contractor” and many companies have paid the price. Hire The Novo Group and eliminate the hassle factor.