Application/Resume Process:

How do I submit a resume?

  • Select the Careers section of our website: simply fill in your contact information, upload a resume and/or submit a cover letter including your goals for your next role. Information like geographic preference, ideal next job and compensation history are all helpful information. You can submit directly to a posted position or once registered, apply without having to re-enter your information.
  • Novo requests that all candidates submit interest via our careersite. This will not only help us help you in a timely fashion, but also keep online records of your profile for future use.
  • Not everyone is active in their job search so having a prepared resume might not be on the top of your list. However there’s a chance you could see a position that peaks your interest. Pick up the phone and call us in this case; let’s talk about it!

After I submit my resume, profile and/or application will I receive a response?

  • If you apply through Novo’s website, you should receive an automated response.
  • Submit directly to a position: Our recruiters are able to respond within 72 hours of submission, but every project is different.  Please be patient, as sometimes there is a large influx of candidates and sometimes not all criteria is listed on the job description.  We receive several resumes/applications and pride ourselves on assessing each one. This will save everyone time, including you in the end!
  • Not qualified: Unfortunately you may not receive direct contact with a Recruiter if you’re your background/experience does not meet the qualifications. However don’t stop applying; there may be another position out there that is better suited for you. Keep an eye on our careers page for updates weekly!  Check out current opportunities… http://www.thenovogroup.com/candidates

What happens to my resume after it's been submitted?

  • Your information is stored in our secure tracking system where it is searchable by all recruiters. If you have submitted yourself to a specific position, the recruiter receives a notification informing them you are now part of the candidate pool and available for contact.

Why not contact the company HR Dept. directly? Why apply through Novo, especially if the position is not confidential?

  • Employers utilize Novo for a number of reasons; limited band-with to handle multiple recruiting efforts, utilize Novo to keep things objective, seek our expertise in difficult searches, etc. Our goal is to hire the best candidate for our clients. If you contact the company directly, they may divert you back to us in order to complete the process. We are an extension of our client; we want to save everyone time and help collaborate in the effort; it’s to your benefit.

Can I submit my information without applying for a specific position? Will this benefit me?

  • Yes. You may register as a candidate on the career site without being submitted to a position. In doing so you are searchable by all recruiters for any position.
  • Initially we will contact you if you fit the requirements for a specific position. Novo fosters an environment of mutual respect between its Recruiters & Clients.  If you are not meeting the requirements for a specific position we will share your profile with our Novo colleagues so you are able to be considered for other roles.  Novo does not currently have the ability to auto-notify candidates when positions are posted that may fit their background. However, Novo recruiters search our database for each project; if they see a match in your skills they will reach out to you.
  • Profile: You can update your profile as often as you like – though we don’t recommend doing so more than once a quarter unless you have had major changes in your employment status, etc.

If I have trouble completing my profile and/or application online, is there another way to submit my information?

  • Yes; if you have trouble submitting your resume, go to the Contact Us section on the site and click on the Novo Help section. Explain the issue you are having and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

Is diversity important to The Novo Group?

  • Yes.  Novo’s core values emphasize diversity and a creative approach with a focus on innovation and breaking from status quo. It is the diverse perspective each team member brings to Novo that helps drive the success of our projects. Diversity is not just about race, religion, age, gender or sexuality – it is about perspective, intuition and the approaches that people bring to Novo that we value.


Is my information confidential?

  • Yes. Novo respects all candidate submittals as we respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Novo does not solicit business with candidate information; you can rest assure all information is private with us.  We will not submit your information to a client until you have been contacted and a thorough evaluation has been conducted with your approval of client submission.

Communication & Expectations…

Recruiter’s Role: Let’s partner!

  • We value our candidates!  However we also have to be very cognizant of our client’s expectations.  Our goal is to find the best candidate for a position as we work closely with individual clients on their recruiting efforts. That said if you are not a fit for our client’s position we are open to sharing your information with other Novo Recruiters, however we also ask that you be proactive in your search and take the reins.
  • We network! Good recruiters talk with a lot of people; sometimes hundreds each week! If you reconnect with a recruiter after some time has passed, please be patient and give us a little time to refresh the last conversation. Don’t worry, we keep great notes and can reference all your activity but we may need to look you up in our tracking system to refresh our memory.
  • We collaborate! Novo’s philosophy is one of transparency. The best candidates are honest candidates; if you are working with more than one recruiter, that’s great! …Just don’t forget to let us know about it.
  • We Liaison! We do our best to keep all parties involved on progress but we all know schedules are demanding. Our Hiring Managers may not always have the time to immediately respond, but rest assured we have not forgotten about you; we may just need a little extra time to collect results and next steps.

Your role: Be Proactive!

  • Check in!  Stay in touch with your recruiter, but manage the necessity.  He/she may not be able to follow-up as often with you as you’d like, but you certainly can keep the line of communication open (especially when following up on recent activity).
  • Communicate; just ask!  Time management is a necessity in our industry; we request that you discuss with your recruiter the best form of communication.  Many appreciate email over phone calls.  Converse with your recruiter; what is the best format, especially when situations change (i.e., status on interview, next steps, pending job offer, etc.).
  • Do the Research!  If you are qualified for a position, Recruiters will provide information on job descriptions, links to company website, and additional client profile (if available).  However, show us your genuine interest and dig into the research on your own!  Tap into your network, use the internet, etc. and research the role. With a better understanding you can determine if you are qualified and follow the process by applying to the position.
  • Be visible-get found!  Are you on LinkedIn and/or other professional social networks?  You have to proactively work your resources; spread the word, share your thoughts and ideas surrounding your goal for new employment.  If you’re active in your search, drive the plan!
  • Network with us!  Refer your recruiter to those you know that have hiring needs – it’s a win-win!

Novo Internal Opportunities Available:

Novo promotes a culture of sharing and empowerment between all of its contributors. One of the things we recognize as highly valuable is the power our talent brings – both as individuals and as a collective group. We support one another to make sure we are providing the best value to our clients. Our clients may work with one recruiter or an entire team; no matter the case they are supported by the Novo Group as a whole. We have built a very collaborative culture and it shows inside and outside of the workplace. At Novo we not only embrace an active social schedule, we inspire each other and promote success within our Novo network. Why? We believe in each other…

Where are we located?

  • Novo currently has offices in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Saint Louis. Milwaukee serves as Novo’s corporate headquarters. Novo also employees recruiters across the US.

We’re Flexible!

  • Novo provides a work environment that encompasses flexibility to employee needs. Novo does its best to work with each individual contributor in uncovering the best situation for both parties in order to satisfy client needs, productivity, and, promote a healthy work life balance.

We care from the start!

  • Novo has an outstanding on-boarding program. Talk with your recruiter for more details.

We value referrals!

  • Top talent is important to us. Regardless of where they come from; relatives of current employees or contractors we evaluate every candidate equally. Novo currently offers a number of referral programs.
  • If interested in Sales contact Taylor Welsch at taylorwelsch@thenovogroup.com.
  • If interested in Recruitment contact Kyle Braunschweig at kylebraunschweig@thenovogroup.com.