Talent Landscape:  Part 1 - The End of 'One Size Fits All' Recruiting    By Kelly Renz, President & CEO

Candidates are unique—from their skills and their experience to their education, gender and cultural background.  Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all recruitment approach creates a transactional recruiting experience that is impersonal and uninspired.   What is the high cost of this approach?  

Manufacturer's New  Reality on Recruiting Top Talent   By: Diana Smith, Vice President of Sales at Novo

Manufacturers are up against a critical talent gap as more and more of the skill-sets they need do not align with those in the marketplace. One of the most powerful examples of this dynamic is the fact the forecast from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute that “two million manufacturing jobs will likely go unfilled” in the next decade.

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Succession Planning:  Part 1 - Three Common Mistakes   By Kelly Renz, President & CEO at Novo

Is your business and HR team one of the few getting it right? Is your business aware of its most critical roles and knowledge-holders or are you at risk of stumbling into skill, intellectual property and leadership gaps that could stunt business growth?  Let’s find out.

Talent Landscape:  Part 2 - Essential Talent Acquisition Blend    By Kelly Renz, President & CEO

What businesses need is to find is the right blend between strong recruiting efficiency and good personalization.  Here are tips on how to get closer to a more blended, people-centric talent acquisition approach. 

Human Capital Foundations , Part 1  By: Andrea Reding, Sr Director of Human Capital at Novo

The fact is whether the future looks bright or threatening, businesses rely on people to see them through it. People play starring roles in every solution and are a company’s #1 competitive advantage. In order to move on the “What’s Next?” a business has to first ensure its human capital foundation can withstand and evolve with the changing needs of a dynamic workforce.

Increase your efficiency, and quality of hire with a solution that provides a fast and easy way for references to provide detailed feedback from any device. Responses are confidential, which means more candid feedback – typically from 4 references in less than 2 days. And you can initiate the reference check directly from your ATS or CRM with fast and simple integration.

Succession Planning:  Part 2 - It's Easier Than You Think!  By Kelly Renz, President & CEO at Novo

Congratulations you’re rich! That’s what I like to tell HR directors who worry they don’t have what they need for strong succession planning. The fact is today’s HR departments are sitting on a goldmine of succession planning data. 

Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Life   By: Andrea Reding, Sr Director of Human Capital at Novo

But what is EQ?  EQ is comprised of personal and social competence skills: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. It is different for each of us, and is really about how we accurate recognize and manage our own behaviors, make decisions, and navigate social situations, all with the goal of achieving positive results.  Almost 60% of your success is based in EQ!



Human Capital Foundations , Part 2  By: Andrea Reding, Sr Director of Human Capital at Novo

A strong human capital foundation is what sets the stage for a business to withstand and evolve with the changing needs of a dynamic workforce, but it is not what drives high performance over time.  The key to sustained and robust employee performance, something every business wants, is a strong culture of feedback.

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