The Novo Guarantee:
We will work tirelessly to find and develop the right talent. 

If we can’t, we provide the market data as to why not and what can be done about it.
We don’t leave our clients hanging without options.


What makes Novo Different?

  • We Start with Data: On every search we start with a deep dive into candidate, market and competitive landscape.
  • Experienced Research Professionals: We invest in continuous training so our research team remains on the cutting edge of technology and sourcing methods.
  • Unique Toolset: With over 25 tools and proprietary methods, our team goes way beyond just using LinkedIn and job boards to find qualified, passive and active candidates.
  • Sourcing: Novo has a 65%+ passive candidate fill rate across all clients.
  • Brand Recognition: With all of the candidates that we encounter through research and sourcing, it naturally increases your brand awareness.

Novo helps you dread recruiting less!