​​​Novo is the RPO partner you wish you always had!

What Makes Novo Different?

  • Technology and Tools: Our workflow design, customized interview tools and templates incorporating your Employer Value Proposition position you to win the best talent.
  • Our Partnership: You are in the driver’s seat. Outsource part or all of your talent acquisition needs.
  • Access: Gain access to Novo’s Talent Effectiveness HR solutions.
  • Flexible Contracts: We ensure your business has the right level of support at all times by designing contracts with built-in flexibility.
  • Full Technology Access: Novo brings all the technology to the table, or we can work in your ATS.
  • Inclusive Approach: You can incorporate campus or other specialty recruiting into RPO program.

Novo helps you dread recruiting less!


The Novo Guarantee:
We will work tirelessly to find and develop the right talent.

If we can’t, we provide the market data as to why not and what can be done about it.
We don’t leave our clients hanging without options.here.