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The Recruitment Rollercoaster

Posted by: The Novo Group on September 13, 2011

Few functions within organizations have been impacted by economic uncertainty more than recruitment.  In many cases, HR generalists have been forced to assume the role after their specialized counterparts have been downsized.  At the same time, conflicting economic indicators have lead to a greater frequency of short-term hiring cycles.  Looming large is the threat of employee churn once the recovery gains more permanent traction.

Even when hiring is this unpredictable, savvy HR Executives understand the strategic importance of a consistent, focused, recruitment function that can generate a pipeline of qualified candidates who are ready when needed.  The question we’ve been hearing most frequently in the market as of late is how to staff an internal recruitment function when short, mid, and long term hiring needs are unpredictable.

The good news is, there are attractive options.  The Novo Group’s proven, best-practice recruitment process, deployed by highly skilled recruiters, results in more qualified candidates at half the cost of contingent and retained firms. Instead of engaging in a series of one-off, costly contingent exercises, Novo forms a partnership with clients, helping to embed a deliberate recruitment process that acts as an ongoing resource to keep companies in front of hiring needs great and small. The Novo Group’s Corporate Recruiting Services range from full to partial outsourcing, including:

The Novo Group has built a flexible, scalable recruitment infrastructure that’s driven by superior process knowledge and enabled by robust technology and tools of every type.  Novo’s clients love that they can simply tap into a fully managed service without having to make significant capital investments in an area where they may be lacking expertise or the time necessary to make informed decisions.

Novo’s recruitment infrastructure and process allows Novo to easily scale teams and resources up, down, and across functions in response to clients’ hiring cycles.  And, Novo’s unique, hourly pricing model transforms recruitment into an easily manageable operating expense.

When you put it all together – people, process, technology, infrastructure, and the ability to measure performance, you’ll begin to understand how The Novo Group delivers more qualified candidates at a lower cost than other recruitment firms, while decreasing time to hire.

Read for yourself how Novo clients have benefited from Novo’s efficient, effective and customizable recruiting process:

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