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A Stalker in the Workplace….I condone this behavior!

Posted by: Beka Hanaman on June 14, 2010

We have all been a candidate applying for a job and praying that we get the job.  Let’s take a minute to think about what made these experiences grueling and miserable vs. enjoyable and rewarding!

I would like to share my courtship with The Novo Group prior to being offered and then accepting the position with a fabulous company full of great people!  I perceived early on that Novo was the perfect environment for me to achieve my professional goals and maintain a high level of success.  I was in a position with a large Health Care organization that was full of politics and not much was being accomplished.  I was very frustrated, but not desperate and told myself I would be patient for the right opportunity.  I began to interview and look at different opportunities and it was through a referral from a hiring manager that declined me for her position that led me to Novo.

I had never heard of Novo, but was quickly introduced to their culture.  I was approached and contacted numerous times throughout a 9 month period by the Novo Recruiter.  I always felt that he was honest with me, interested in my background and felt that our meetings for coffee, etc had a purpose and was time well spent.  I could have easily given up.  In fact, I turned down other job offers during this time because I wanted to see what happened with The Novo Group.

I have been here for almost 2 ½ years and have never regretted my decision!

Here are 5 things that I believe made this Stalker/Candidate Relationship a Success!

  • The Novo Recruiter was always honest with me regarding timelines.
  • We had great communication and would touch base on a regular basis.
  • We built a relationship that began very professional, but in the end I had a new friend.
  • I was very upfront and honest about my career goals and ambitions.
  • I always felt that we had a reason to talk/meet and we weren’t just wasting time.

Whether you are the candidate or the recruiter….Be HONEST! Talk OFTEN!  REMEMBER….Good things come to those that wait!