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A Point of View on Strategic Recruiting for 2012

Posted by: Cindy Lu, CEO on January 22, 2012

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Have you seen most every function within your organization impacted by economic conditions?  Are you expected to do more with less?  My observation is that Corporate Recruiting has been hit particularly hard.

Since recruiting is all about human capital – truly a company’s most valuable asset – trying to do more with less in this area can be felt – negatively – throughout an entire organization.

A strategic approach to recruiting – along with an understanding of shifting dynamics – is critically important as the demand for top talent builds in 2012….while the pressure for cost-efficiency remains.

Recruiting Passive Candidates:  Understanding the differences between active and passive candidate recruiting will be a big competitive advantage in 2012. The typical process for searching out top-notch passive candidates takes more time and requires dedicated recruiters with industry-relevant experience and connections. The result, though, is high-quality candidates (versus quantity of resumes) and a high-quality individual who will positively impact the business.

This is particularly relevant as a recent Linked In survey found that among the 5,500 employed professionals it surveyed, 78% of them stated that they are interested in a new position, yet ONLY 18% of them had their resume posted anywhere.  So, a full 60% needs to be found!  A successful recruiter has the knowhow and contacts at targeted companies to recruit those top-notch “passive” candidates.

***Do you know how to find the high-quality passive candidates?  Do you have the time?  Do you have the industry-expert recruiters on your team with the “inside” connections?

Recruiting through Social Media:  The use of social media is rising exponentially.  Social media is where it’s at in 2012 – certainly not the job boards.  Not only do 60% of employed professionals interested in a new job NOT have their resume posted on job boards (as noted above) but sifting through stacks of irrelevant resumes can be incredibly time consuming and aggravating for corporate recruiters with little time anyway.   Successful recruiters must embrace the total social media approach, know the social sites, and navigate through find the right talent.

***What is your social recruitment strategy?  Do you know your way around?  Do you have time?

Recruiting Metrics:  The majority of companies measure recruiting by Time-to-Fill and Cost-Per-Hire. Focusing only on production-based outcomes can promote recruiting practices that don’t fully address the client need/satisfaction or talent retention.

***Do you have recruiting metrics in place in general?  What about quality and retention metrics?

Recruiting Etiquette:  It seems the high jobless rate over the past several years has some recruiters thinking its okay to be rude and disrespectful to applicants. Ask anyone doing a job search and you’ll hear stories of companies (or the recruiters companies hire!) never calling them back or leaving them waiting for weeks.  Common courtesy and respect for all candidates should be the rule.  Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but think of the negative perception it casts on your company.   Plus, consider where that candidate will “land.”

As competition for talent increases and more applicants visit employer criticism sites like, all recruiters need to make sure their approach is a polite and positive experience.

***Are all recruiters (including the ones you hire) representing your company well and protecting your reputation?



The Novo Group, a growing managed recruitment firm with “nice people and a killer process” has developed an industry-unique approach to recruiting.  Novo professional recruiters strive to develop a collaborative relationship with its clients…be an extension of the team….with scalability up and down depending on client need.  Novo takes on diverse searches for a client simultaneously by matching industry-expert recruiters to each opportunity. Novo is dedicated to finding and presenting only candidates that clients want to interview (and hire).  The Novo experience is a pleasant one for clients…complete openness, regular reporting, candidate data sharing.  Bottom line, Novo delivers results…and very cost-effectively at that – Novo recruiters filled over 500 professional positions in 2011 at an average cost per hire of only 11%.

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