Novo helps you dread recruiting less!

The talent acquisition and human capital consulting landscape is unique for Private Equity firms and their portfolio of companies. Novo Group is well positioned to help you overcome the key challenges associated with acquisitions, divestitures and growing portfolio value.

Assessing Talent.

A firm’s leadership and overall talent are pivotal to an acquisition’s success or failure. Novo is your trusted advisor, conducting human capital due diligence and talent assessments so issues are identified, remedied and the strategic objectives of your acquisition are preserved. We offer insights such as:
• conducting profiles of key players,  
• providing recommendations on how to incentivize leaders,
• practical project management,
​• advice on due diligence, communication and integration strategies. 

Talent Retention.

Deals lose value after an acquisition if leadership talent is lost or if integration misses the mark. Novo provides a human capital strategy that connects you to a pipeline of executive-level and key leader talent. As an experienced player in the Private Equity space, Novo create a talent acquisition solution to support the acquired firm. 

Human Capital Spectrum.

​Achieving your business objectives and maximizing the value of your investment is where you need to focus your attention. Novo is your talent lifecycle partner, providing a single source to manage the complete spectrum of human capital topics. We cover all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from compensation programs and identifying core competencies to succession planning and workforce strategies.


Practice Offerings