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Acquiring the right talent in the Manufacturing industry is challenging. Novo Group understands how to find, recruit and transform the operational, technical and leadership talent you are looking for.


​​Talent Acquisition.

Demand for the right combination of operational, technical and leadership talent is high. The pool of candidates is limited, even shrinking, and presenting a compelling employer of choice case for some plant locations can be tricky. Novo has a robust team that leverages over 25 tools, including social media, to find active and passive candidates. Given our experience in placing candidates in hard-to-fill Manufacturing roles, you can trust that we know how to position your company to attract talent to even your most remote locations. 

Talent Strategy.

Finding a talent acquisition provider that can service your business as your talent needs fluctuate can be difficult. Novo offers a full range of scalable solutions - from providing strategic planning around your future talent needs to full cycle recruiting as an extension of your internal team. 

Workforce Effectiveness.

Once you find and recruit top talent, the challenge becomes retention. Effective onboarding and employee engagement strategies are key to retaining top talent in all industries. Novo can equip your hiring managers to identify and maximize employee potential and can offer effective, yet practical programs so you keep the talent you have invested in. 

Intellectual Capital Retention.

Thanks in part to the impending retirement of the boomer generation, and fewer new workers entering the market, a talent cliff is looming for Manufacturing companies starting now. Novo provides solutions to mitigate talent risks to your business. We help you preserve critical intellectual capital through retention strategies, strategic hires and by developing succession plans to reduce the impact of institutional knowledge drains. 

Human Capital Spectrum.

Novo is the right strategic partner to help you achieve all your human capital goals. Whether you are focusing on operations locally or facing the challenge of staffing an expansion effort, Novo is your talent lifecycle partner, able to manage the complete spectrum of human capital initiatives. From compensation consulting to developing a strong employer brand, Novo has the industry depth and human capital expertise to ensure your initiatives succeed. 



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