Novo serves industries across the spectrum. Our team has deep experience working within all the segments highlighted below.  For each industry, Novo offers an established set of talent acquisition and human capital practices that can be adapted to your specific talent needs.



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  • Demand for the right combination of operational, technical and leadership talent is high and the pool of candidates is limited, even shrinking, and presenting a compelling employer of choice case for some plant locations can be tricky.
  • Given our experience in placing candidates in hard-to-fill Manufacturing roles, you can trust that we know how to position your company to attract talent to even your most remote location.

Information Technology

  • Novo connects you to the pool of top talent with experience in cutting-edge software development, business intelligence, security and big data. Novo has research experts, using a broad range of tools, dedicated to finding qualified candidates.
  • We employ creative and innovative methods to cast a wider net to find and on-board the human capital you seek.


  • Healthcare professionals who deliver on patient satisfaction are critical to success in the healthcare environment, yet increased regulation and the need to integrate technology means business acumen is a must-have as well.
  • Novo Group knows the importance of a diverse workforce and the blend of talent needed to ensure reimbursement and patient retention. We bring deep industry knowledge and highly skilled researchers who leverage a variety of tools to identify the right healthcare professionals for the roles you need to fill.

Insurance - Health & Welfare

  • The health and welfare space demands very specialized experience to fill niche positions unique to insurance. Novo’s robust recruitment team, which includes a licensed insurance professional, brings years of deep industry experience.
  • You can rest assured that we speak your language and have the knowledge to qualify candidates for your unique human capital needs.

Insurance -Property & Casualty

  • Our research-based approach means we’ve already identified producers, underwriters, actuaries and other experienced insurance professionals as potential candidates.
  • Novo takes a proactive approach, so junior producers - unencumbered by rigorous non-competes and more willing to move their book of business are on our radar, as are actuaries and underwriters with the perfect blend of technical acumen and client-facing communication skills.

Financial Services

  • Compliance regulations have steadily increased the need for qualified business intelligence and security experts.
  • Novo has demand/supply metrics on this type of candidate and knows it takes a unique approach to source these individuals and customize a strategy to bring them on board.

Private Equity

  • Deals lose value after an acquisition if leadership talent is lost or if integration misses the mark. Novo provides a human capital strategy that connects you to a pipeline of executive-level and key leader talent.
  • As an experienced player in the Private Equity space, Novo create a talent acquisition solution to support the acquired firm.