Novo helps you dread recruiting less!


The advent of the Affordable Care Act has shifted the landscape in the Healthcare space. Finding talent with the right blend of healthcare experience and business acumen is challenging. Novo Group understands how to find, recruit and transform the experienced healthcare professionals you are looking for.

Talent Acquisition.

The scope of expertise needed in the healthcare professional has widened. Not only are patient care and healthcare experience imperative, increased regulation and the need to integrate technology means business acumen is a must-have as well. Healthcare professionals who deliver on patient satisfaction are critical to success in the healthcare environment. Novo Group  knows the importance of a diverse workforce and the blend of talent needed to ensure reimbursement and patient retention. We bring deep industry knowledge and highly skilled researchers who leverage a variety of tools to identify the right healthcare professionals for the roles you need to fill.

24/7 Flexibility.
Healthcare doesn’t stop–it’s a 24 hour/365 days a year industry. Reaching potential candidates who may be working at all hours requires a flexible approach. Novo is set up to be adaptable so we can contact and qualify candidates at times conducive to their schedules.

Third Party Advantage.
​An obstacle to a hospital system networking with potential candidates in another system is the emergence of joint ventures between competing systems. As a third party, Novo can discreetly network with healthcare talent across all systems without compromising an existing joint venture agreement.

Internal Team Consulting.
With the seismic shift in the type of talent needed in Healthcare, internal teams are finding themselves stretched. Novo trains internal teams on recruiting best practices and works with hiring managers on interviewing  and retaining top talent. We can provide the structure, processes and programs your internal team needs to increase its efficiency.

Human Capital Spectrum.
​Novo provide a single source to manage the complete spectrum of human capital initiatives–from compensation consulting to succession planning and the implementation of effective retention programs. Novo is the right strategic partner to help you achieve all of your human capital goals. 


Practice Offerings