Novo helps you dread recruiting less!

Acquiring the right talent in the Health & Welfare Insurance marketplace is challenging. Novo Group understands how to find, recruit and transform the experienced insurance professionals you are looking for.

​​Talent Acquisition.

Competition for experienced insurance professionals is fierce. It’s said “If they’re any good, I already know who they are.” This truism applies to Novo Group. Our research-based approach means we’ve already identified producers, underwriters, actuaries and other experienced insurance professionals as potential candidates. We take a proactive approach, so  junior producers - unencumbered by rigorous non-competes and more  willing to move their book of business are on our radar, as are actuaries  and underwriters with the perfect blend of technical acumen and client- facing communication skills.

Unique Needs.

The health and welfare space demands very specialized experience to fill niche positions unique to insurance. Novo’s robust recruitment team, which includes a licensed insurance professional, brings years of deep industry experience. You can rest assured that we speak your language and have  the knowledge to qualify candidates for your unique human capital needs. 

Post-Merger Strategy.

​Mergers and acquisitions in the insurance landscape are common and complicated. Novo can manage all human capital aspects of the process, including evaluating skill sets and identifying duplication of work. We can implement the right communication programs and integration strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your talent so they meet productivity expectations faster. 

Intellectual Capital Retention.

Thanks in part to the impending retirement of the boomer generation, a  talent cliff is looming for Health & Welfare insurance brokerage and carriers. Novo Group can help ensure you retain critical intellectual capital through strategic hires, while also helping you develop succession planning programs that reduce the impact of institutional knowledge drains from your business due to retirement or turnover. 

Human Capital Spectrum.

Because we know talent so well within Health & Welfare insurance, we  are the right strategic partner to help you achieve other human capital  goals too. Novo is your talent lifecycle partner, providing a single source  to manage the complete spectrum of other human capital initiatives.  From succession planning to developing competency models that ensure talent alignment within the organization, we offer a full range of expertise  you need.




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