Novo helps you dread recruiting less!



The talent acquisition and human capital consulting landscape is unique in the Financial Services marketplace. Novo Group understands the high caliber of talent needed and has the expertise and resources to acquire the quality candidates you need.

​​Talent Acquisition.

Competition for top financial talent is fierce. Novo is your pipeline to the experienced talent you need so your hires contribute to your results immediately. Our research and recruiting team has the tools and experience to find talent with the perfect combination of soft skills and technical knowhow. For geographically diverse clients, we have a special gift for identifying talent with ties to your location and know how to position your company as the employer of choice – overcoming any potential relocation obstacles. 

Single Point of Contact.

Your time is valuable. Spreading your human capital tasks among multiple providers is time-consuming and inefficient. Novo gives you a single point of contact for all your talent acquisition needs. One phone call keeps you up to date on all the positions we are seeking to fill for you and we share the metrics of our results. Your Novo expert will know your unique culture and place in the market and will bring that knowledge to all the human capital tasks executed on your behalf. 

Unique Needs.

Compliance regulations have steadily increased the need for qualified business intelligence and security experts. Novo has demand/supply metrics on this type of candidate and knows it takes a unique approach to source these individuals and customize a strategy to bring them on board. 

Intellectual Capital Retention.

Thanks in part to the impending retirement of the boomer generation, a talent cliff is looming in the financial marketplace. Also the pace of mergers and acquisitions in Financial Services provides for an ever-changing talent demand. Novo can help ensure you retain critical intellectual capital through effective knowledge transfer strategies and succession planning programs. 

Human Capital Spectrum.

When you operate with a lean internal team, you need a talent acquisition and talent effectiveness provider who can service your company in a flexible way. Novo is your talent lifecycle partner, able to manage the complete spectrum of human capital initiatives, from compensation consulting to retention programs that develop the skills of your highpotential employees and keep them engaged.



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