​​October 5th - 7th:  WI State SHRM Annual Conference, Wisconsin Dells
Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us and congratulations to the five winners of

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book, who will also be receiving a complimentary one hour 1:1

with one of our Certified Trainers!  We were honored to sponsor and exhibit at the Wisconsin

State SHRM 30th Annual State Conference where Kelly Renz, Novo's CEO & President, spoke on how Emotional Intellegence is THE Game Changer in Performance.  We look forward to seeing you next year! 

September 14th:  Metro Milwaukee Area Chamber Business After Hours Hosted at Novo Group, Brookfield

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the MMAC Business After Hours Event!  ​​It was a great success!

Check out the pictures from this event, click here.

October 25th:  Novo Thought Leadership Webinar - The End of 'One Size Fits All' Recruiting

​Many recruiting and HR teams that were cut back years ago to save costs remain small,

under-resourced and heavily reliant on technology as well as “one-size-fits-all” approach

for every hire. As a business leader, I am all for reducing expenses and increasing efficiency

but this enduring thrift is starting to hurt businesses where it counts: in their ability to attract and hire top talent.   To watch the full presentation:  click here.

Past Blogs and Webinar on Succession Planning

Part 1:  Three Common Succession Planning Mistakes

1. Is Your Planning Retirement-Centric?  By planning around the departure of senior staff, companies overlook many of the seismic employment shifts that happen at various levels across the modern business.
2. Are You Too Focused on Executive Management?  As organizations flatten out and millennial values reshape the workplace, it’s important to engage and understand the talent in the middle.
3. Do You Set It and Forget It?   Taking your eyes off the ball is a risky approach in today’s gig economy where company org charts change faster than the seasons.

Part 2:  Succession Planning:  It's Easier Than You Think​

Congratulations you’re rich!  That’s what I like to tell HR leaders who worry they don’t have what they need for strong succession planning.   Co-Presenters:  Kelly Renz, President & CEO of Novo Group, Inc. and Heather Haas, President of ADVISA

To read both blogs written by Kelly Renz, President & CEO of Novo, click the button:

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Kelly Renz, President & CEO of Novo Group as presenter: